Explore Caribbean Carnival for Every Type of Traveler

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Anytime you get the opportunity to visit the Caribbean, you absolutely must stop by a carnival. This is one of those cultural celebrations that cannot be missed and will result in memories to last a lifetime. You will be telling your kid’s kids about your personal experience watching, enjoying, and participating in one of the most lavish celebrations the world has ever known.

There is so much to do during a Caribbean festival for all kinds of travelers. You do not have to stick to the drink-laden bars and clubs scenes so often portrayed in movies and TV shows. Everyone from the food enthusiast to the cultural dilettante can sit back and relax along the beaches, shops, museums, music, and parades that are unique to the Caribbean Carnival.

What is the Caribbean Carnival?

Think of this Caribbean festival kind of like Mardi Gras held in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. There are more than 45 unique celebrations from Batabanoo in the Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean to Trinidad and Tobago in the south, each with its own spin on the incredible activities, music, food, and costumes that have captivated visitors for generations.

Today, over a century and a half from the first event, Carnival devotees jump from island to island like birds of paradise, enjoying constant revelry. That gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the various festivities. Start off at Carnival in islands like St. Kitts and Nevis, or St Croix, held in January, then make your way to Trinidad, Jamaica, Antigua, and the list only goes on and on. You can easily spend most of the year taking in all of the colorful street parades.

What Types of Caribbean Carnivals are There?

Every single island seems to have its own custom tag on the idea of the Caribbean festival. For example, people who enjoy a bit more of history may want to go to the Trinidad, Dominica, or Saint Lucian Carnival. They may also want to experience Junkanoo, which is similar to Carnival and can be experienced in the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos Islands in December. There are many cultural aspects involved in the festivities that include storytelling and historical events merged with mythology and local lore. The incredibly detailed costumes alone during these events are more than worth attending. You’ll see everything from reenactments of freeing enslaved people to celebrations involving traditional Flambeaux, otherwise known as flaming torches.

Probably one of the most anticipated events is the Crop Over Festival in Barbados. Here you will be treated to the heritage, culture, music, food, and dance of Barbadian life from May through August. This is a 300-year-old tradition that culminates with the Grand Kadooment. That is when costumed revelers flood the streets from dawn until dusk. Be sure to bring your camera as this particular event is frequented by many celebrities, including Sir Lewis Hamilton, Jordan Dunn, and even Barbados’ own the stunning Rihanna.

St. Lucia is more of a blend of history and modern-day celebration. Their Caribbean festival involves showcasing the unique heritage of one of the most beautiful places on earth. This event takes place in mid-July and involves bands, parades, incredible food, and endless nights of partying. The individual events spread out over the island for everything you could want, from the over-the-top celebrations involving very revealing costumes to the more reserved social gatherings with intimate historical value.

Where to Learn More

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The Caribbean is full of unique experiences that you will remember for generations. Don’t risk missing out on these fantastic events by trying to do everything yourself. Instead, give our experts a call or visit us online and experience the difference of the Caribbean Events team.