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Welcome to Caribbean Events

When you think of Caribbean Events a bespoke online destination comes to mind, doesn’t it?

Founded by international tourism and event veteran Nerdin St. Rose, the site is a well-balanced guide on all things Caribbean as it relates to events. She brings to this online destination her years of experience orchestrating events in the US, Europe, India, Africa and the Caribbean. Now, she’s turned her attention to the changing demands of travelers who expect digital high performance resources. Today’s travelers want the information at their fingertips, with an easy swipe or scroll.

Hearing their current mantra of time being a non-renewable resource, St. Rose has made intuitive organization a high priority. The platform is constantly updated, drawing on the many networks of tourism and event affiliates from around the region. The region has seen extraordinary growth in the number of popular events. Every major event, from festivals, conferences and concerts to forums and marketplaces, has found a place here.


Caribbean Events, We :

  • Provide an up-to-date Caribbean calender of events
  • Provide a snapshot into the activities on our Caribbean Islands
  • Promote events from our Caribbean Islands
  • Give access to new Caribbean experiences
  • Establish ties with emerging Caribbean events companies
  • Produce top class events across the Caribbean

Our Services

What you will learn and the benefits ?
Conceptualise and Produce World Class Events
Advertising and Promotions
Video Production
Artists Booking and Coordination





Nerdin St. Rose is a strategic and results-driven marketing expert with over 25 years providing innovative and creative solutions to regional governments, large organizations and small private businesses across an array of sectors.  She is the owner of Bornewell Holdings Inc., a Saint Lucia based Marketing, Public Relations and Event Management firm.

Nerdin has managed and conceptualized several high profile international projects and events;  she was the Project Manager for several music festivals produced around the world including Africa, the Caribbean and India. She recently co-produced the 1st annual White Nights in Saint Lucia event which has received overwhelming positive reviews. Nerdin is an authority on doing business in the Caribbean, having worked with and lived in several islands including the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Saint Lucia and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Nerdin holds an MSc in Marketing Management from the University of Maryland, a BSc in Hospitality Management from Florida International University, a Master’s Certificate in Revenue Management from Cornell University and a Certificate in Festival Management from the University of Minnesota.




Kezia Preville is the founder of AdVizze Consulting Inc, a business development firm working within a network of consultants to assist clients in develop and achieve strategic goals. Previously, she worked in England as a Business Development Executive. Upon her return to Saint Lucia, she functioned as a Public Relations Officer and then Marketing Manager in the tourism and telecommunications sectors. She then served as the Country Manager for a regional security firm managing operations in Saint Lucia and as the Business Development Manager with responsibility for development in four islands for five years.

An avid Copywriter, Kezia is known for her writing skills providing speeches, articles and website content. She is currently a Contributor and the Editorial Assistant for the Business Focus Magazine. She is also the co-producer of the Enterprise Development Forum & Marketplace, a business development initiative designed to bring the national development discourse to an international platform. She passionately works on youth development projects, providing pro bono support and mentoring through her charity event Job Fair Expo.