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Six Carnivals To Make Your Caribbean Summer Unforgettable

Carnival is a hallmark of Caribbean culture that attracts droves of revelers eager to partake in the vibrant festivities and unique experiences each distinct island destination offers. Carnival traces its roots to pre-Lenten Mardi Gras and masquerade balls brought over by European Catholics to the islands in colonial times. Eventually, the festivities escaped the confines […]
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Smooth Sailing Ahead: Discover why the Caribbean is a Must-Visit Destination for Sailing Enthusiasts

The Caribbean has long served as a hub for explorers, traders, and mariners, and its beginnings can be traced to its native inhabitants, who were the first to navigate the waters in canoes and rafts. After European explorers arrived in the 15th century, the area further developed into a major center for trade and business […]
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St. Lucia Carnival 2022

Do you want to go on an experience like no other? St. Lucia Carnival is a unique experience that displays the very best of the Caribbean culture – and is waiting for you in one of the most diverse and beautiful places on Earth!   What is St. Lucia Carnival? Plenty of people would describe […]