Top 10 Things To Do and Places to Go in Dominica

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Dominica is a well-preserved tropical island nation that’s 624 miles (1004 km) away from the Dominican Republic. The island is located southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique with Roseau as its capital. Whether you’re planning to visit Dominica to spend a vacation or attend one of the island’s major events, like the World Creole Music Festival, make sure that you enjoy the best of what this unspoiled island has to offer.

Top 10 Things to Do and Places to Go While on Vacation in Dominica

1. Reach the Summit of Morne Trois Pitons

Morne Trois Pitons is the highest of all the three peaks of Morne Trois Pitons National Park. The 17.000-acre park was recognized by UNESCO in 1997 as a World Heritage Site which is a good enough reason why you should visit Morne Trois Pitons. Aside from the ethereal view waiting at the summit, you will also have an amazing opportunity to dip into one of the world’s largest fumaroles and marvel at the volcanic wilderness while climbing your way to the top.


2. Traverse the Indian River

The immaculate beauty of the Indian River is something that you should not miss when traveling to Dominica. While touring on a boat on the Indian River, it is highly likely that you will find the area rather familiar and that is because a few scenes from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” was filmed on the same river. Learn more. 

3. Go Scuba Diving in Champagne Reef and Soufriere Bay

Aside from its pristine and warm waters, the dive sites in Dominica also feature abundant marine life that’s very unique on its own. The dive sites in Champagne Reef and Soufriere Bay, especially, are the most sought-after spots for divers which makes diving in these areas one of the best things that you can do on the island. Learn More.

4. Take a Dip into the Emerald Pool

Filled with the cascading fresh water coming from the mountains, the Emerald Pool and its 40-foot waterfall are a sight to behold. Dipping into this stunning oasis is a wonderful way to cool down in the hot and humid weather of Dominica. Reserve your admission ticket to the Emerald Pool Nature Trail here.

5. Experience Whale Watching

Whale watching is a stable industry in Dominica as the island is conveniently located facing the Atlantic Ocean which is home to a wide variety of whales. Observe the pilot whales, humpback whales, and sperm whales in their natural habitat for that ultimate experience that you will never forget. Click here to book now.

6. Relax at Pointe Baptiste Beach

Nestling at the northeastern coast of Dominica is an unfrequented black sand beach where visitors can relax and escape from the more touristy beaches on the island. With its calm and shallow waters, children can safely swim at the beach while the adults can explore the picturesque rock formations that surround the area.


7. Walk the Royal Streets of Roseau – Dominica’s Capital City

Many of the streets of Roseau were named after the kings and queens who ruled Great Britain centuries ago. Walking these royal streets will allow you to immerse in the island’s unique culture and historic past. Also, Roseau is the venue for the Dominica World Creole Music Festival. This year’s festival is back with a bang featuring superstars across the various music genres from Reggae and R&B to Soca and Zouk. Everyone in Roseau will be taking part in this year’s festival directly or indirectly. Be sure to take a walk down the rustic streets, and check out the local vendors market where you can get a variety of fresh local produce and souvenirs. Click here to book your Roseau City Tour.

8. Birdwatching at Morne Diablotin National Park

Birdwatching is one of the best ways to connect with nature and the Morne Diablotin National Park is a great place to observe these warm-blooded vertebrates in their natural habitat. The park is home to the rare Imperial parrot and Jaco Red-necked Parrot which is quite a treat to every birdwatcher.


9. Chase the Enchanting Trafalgar Falls

The Trafalgar Falls is the most enchanting falls on the island of Dominica, and it is only a 20-minute drive away from Roseau. One can’t help but feel happy when around a waterfall and the beauty of the Trafalgar Falls will never disappoint.


10. Spend Time at Dominica Botanic Gardens

The Dominica Botanic Gardens is one of the finest botanical gardens in the Caribbean that’s definitely worth a visit. Any traveler to the island will be amazed by the unique variety of flora and fauna featured in this biodiverse garden. If you happen to be visiting Dominica in October, then you will be glad to know that the annual World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) is traditionally held in this garden during that month.

There is so much to see and do in Dominica at any time of the year. Bookmark to keep up to date on the island’s upcoming events.

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