Positive Vibes Festival

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Positive Vibes Festival is a celebration of the best of Bequia’s culture and talent, bringing together local legends, emerging musicians, and first-time performers, dancers, drummers, and poets. Our singers are backed by a live band, and it is the first of its kind to coach, nurture and present raw Bequia talent. It involves auditions, training, and rehearsals for several months leading up to the show, and it is a way to bring together and culminate the creative efforts of that year. It is also an important way for performers who have been building up their skills at The Hub Collective to have a noteworthy platform to showcase themselves.

The Positive Vibes Festival is organised by The Hub Collective, a safe and inclusive nonprofit community organisation located in Bequia, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. Their pillars address the need for holistic community engagement, re- and de-education and inclusivity through Music, the Arts, Culture and Heritage (tangible and intangible), Healing, and the Environment.

Photo credit: The Hub Collective

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February 25, 2023
February 25, 2023
St. Vincent


The Hub Collective