Grenada Chocolate Festival

The Grenada Chocolate Festival showcases Pure Grenada’s rich chocolate offerings and deep cocoa farming roots. This annual one of a kind, Caribbean Festival is dedicated to all things sweet, savoury and satisfying about chocolate, giving it center stage. It’s the perfect time for visitors and residents to explore the island’s rich culture, create and indulge in unique experiences with the pure, delicious organic chocolate.

Festival activities include tours of cocoa plantations and chocolate makers, dance the cocoa, making of  one’s own chocolate potions, Cocoa workshops and indulging in delicious chocolate-inspired cuisine and more.

Some of the events taking place at the 2023 Grenada Chocolate Festival include a Chocolate Wellness Day, Chocolate tastings and pairings, Chocolate Dinner Experience, Chocolate and Rum Cocktail making, Cooking with Chocolate and Cocoa Competition, Chocolate Bazaar and family day.

Check out the full slate of activities planned for this 2023 decadent chocolate festival.

Photo credit: Blue Bay Boutique Resort


    Event Detail

    May 17, 2023
    May 21, 2023


    Grenada Tourism Authority