Mas Domnik

Mas Domnik, dubbed as the “Real” Mas is a carnival like no other. The Dominica Carnival brings together African and French traditions which are part of the island’s rich cultural heritage. It is also one of the few carnivals in the Caribbean which takes place right before Ash Wednesday – the start of the Lenten Season.

This Caribbean Carnival spreads over two months and comprises calypso shows, village festivals, mas camp shows, stardom tents, pageants and street parades which highlights traditional cultural elements like Sense or BwaBwa, drumming from the Lapeau Kabwit Bands and Bouyon Music and fetes. The main Carnival or jump up like it is called starts on Monday with J’ouvert morning and runs through Tuesday night and ending with a burial ritual on Ash Wednesday.

Mas Domnik is one of the few carnivals which still showcases so much of an island’s cultural heritage.

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February 12, 2024
February 12, 2024
Rosseau Dominica