Union Island Conch Festival

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The Union Island Conch Festival is the celebration of the conch industry on Union Island.  The conch industry has provided an economic means for people on the island over the past years. During the two-day festival patrons enjoy a variety of conch cuisine, cultural performances, and entertainment such as Conch on the Beach party styled event.

At the Union Island Conch Festival, restaurants and cooks serve a variety of sumptuous conch dishes in every imaginable form such as conch water, stew, salads, fritters, curry, pelau, grilled, grilled, chowder, and pasta. Local chefs compete in several conch dish categories, and cash prizes and handmade conch shell trophies are awarded for the best conch dishes.

The festival also features art and craft, and several other competitions such as conch chopping, conch shell blowing and other activities for patrons to participate in. Competitions include conch and dumpling eating, swimming, conch shell blowing, conch chopping and kayaking.

There are also educational booths to bring awareness of the conch, the conch industry and its sustainability.  Persons are educated on the legal size for harvesting conch and the role it plays in the ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the full schedule of activities coming soon.

Photo credit: St. Vincent & The Grenadines Tourism Authority.

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February 23, 2024
February 25, 2024
St. Vincent