Grenada Spicemas

Grenada Spicemas is the last and arguably the best Carnival experience in the Caribbean. This annual event takes place in mid-August, after a slew of other major Caribbean carnivals throughout the summer months. Visitors can look forward to wonderful tropical weather, upbeat island music, colour, splendour and a culturally authentic awakening experience.

At Grenada Spicemas, revellers will enjoy the ‘Jab Jab’ which are masqueraders covered in black oil and Monday Night Mas – a night street parade with masqueraders wearing colourful t-shirts and waving glow sticks lighting up the night sky and fetes. Visitors should not miss out on all the festivities and parties which lead up to this unique Carnival experience.

SpiceMas is a call to embrace the uninhibited spirit of Grenada, a chance to shed your inhibitions and dance under the boundless Caribbean sky. Lose yourself in the electrifying Calypso competitions, where witty lyrics and infectious melodies compete for the coveted crown. Savor the delectable explosion of flavors at the street food stalls, where aromatic spices dance on your tongue with every bite. And as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues, let the pulsating Soca beats guide you into the night, where the party rages on until dawn.

So are you ready to experience the magic of SpiceMas?

Book your flights, pack your brightest colors, and prepare to be swept away by the infectious rhythm of Grenada’s carnival spirit. Remember, SpiceMas is more than just a spectator sport; it’s a vibrant invitation to join the dance, to paint your own brushstrokes on this vibrant cultural canvas. Come, lose yourself in the dazzling kaleidoscope of SpiceMas, and discover the true meaning of Caribbean revelry!

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Photo credit: Grenada Tourism Authority.


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