Montserrat Carnival

Looking for an exciting way to end the year? This year marks the 62nd anniversary of the Montserrat Carnival.  From mid-December to New Year’s Day, Montserrat (the Emerald Isle) erupts with an explosion of colour, music, revelry, and creativity during the year-end festival. With a full slate of activities, visitors to Montserrat get real insight into the culture of the island and understand the excitement and revelry Montserratians express at this time of year.

At the Montserrat carnival, visitors and residents are treated to cultural activities including calypso competitions, masquerade street performances, festival Queen Competition, and a parade of costumed troupes on New Year’s Day. There are J’ouvert’s where everyone can jump up behind a sound system which sometimes involves locals spraying water and/or powder over the crowd in the spirit of revelry. What a perfect climax to the year and start to a New Year. 

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    Event Detail

    December 16, 2024
    January 2, 2025


    Montserrat Arts Council