St Maarten Carnival

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No event is as important as carnival to the island of St Maarten / St. Martin. The St Maarten Carnival is known as one as the most vibrant festivals in the region, starring many Caribbean celebrities in its concerts and dazzling colorful costumes in its parades. This major Caribbean Carnival takes place over a three week period with multiple events including colorful parades, spectacular pageants, exciting calypso competitions, energetic bands, highly anticipated international concerts, and lots of cuisine.

Traditional elements of the St Maarten Carnival, amongst many others is the Jouvert morning parade, the Night of the Hitmakers and Flagfest – an ode to the many cultures St Maarten hosts. Central to all events is the Carnival Village in the Great Salt Pond, which is open throughout the year for a bite in its many eateries.

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    April 16, 2024
    May 5, 2024
    St. Maarten
    St. Maarten

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